Richard B. Russell Chair and Professor Samuel E. Aggrey obtained his PhD in Population and Quantitative Genetics, at the University of British Columbia, Canada and was a Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s postdoctoral fellow in Molecular Genetics at McGill University, Canada. He is a faculty member at the Department of Poultry Science and a member of the Institute of Bioinformatics at the University of Georgia, USA. He is also an affiliate scientist at BeCA, ILRI. His research includes developing models for genomic selection, NutriGenomics, molecular and cellular bases of stressors (heat and coccidia infections) and poultry breeding. Professor Aggrey is a co-editor “Poultry Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology” and the lead editor for “Advances in Poultry Genetics and Genomics”.

He teaches poultry breeding at the Undergraduate level, Population and Quantitative Genetics, and Breeding Strategies at the post-graduate level. He also co-teaches an international course on Quantitative Genetics and Genomics at BeCA. He has authored or co-authored 8 book chapters and over 140 peer reviewed research publications. His notable awards include Jaap Memorial Lectureship at the Ohio State University, the D.W. Brooks Award for Excellence in Research and Career Development Recognition (the University of Georgia), The Broiler Research Award (Poultry Science Association), Changxin Chu Fund (China Agricultural University Educational Foundation/World Poultry Science Association), and Carnegie Fellowship (Carnegie Institute). Dr. Aggrey has consulted for the poultry breeding industry, government of Jamaica, PROJ-X, Kuwait National Research Institute among others on animal improvement related projects.